The Hunt for the World's Best Burger

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Camel, London - Friday 24th Feb (Lunch)

The Venue

The Camel is a smallish pub in Lower Marsh Street, not far from Waterloo Station, London.

First visit to this pub and what a great find. Great staff, table service and Kronenbourg on tap - ticks all my boxes. Not too busy for a Friday lunchtime either which was another plus. Music was a mix of Australasian hits, most of which I had never heard before - an interesting soundtrack.

The Menu

Quite a small menu but some interesting stuff on there. For a moment I was tempted by Ostrich steak but I got 'the calling'. The blackboard outside the pub mentioned their burgers were 'huge' - there was only one choice had to be the burger.

The Burger

I am pleased to report that it was a beauty! - this is my first report after all - would have been a shame to start with a bad one.

Well, they were not joking when they said it was huge - it really was. Nice fresh bread, cheese, bacon and some salad (all came as standard) topped off with some tomato relish. Always like relish rather than ketchup if it is available so this scored points immediately. There was also a huge side order of potato wedges and a sweet chilli dip (another favourite of mine) - I couldn't believe my luck!

I always worry if I am not asked how I would like my burger cooked (I opt for medium if asked) and I wasnt asked this in the Camel. However, any fears I might have had were quickly put to rest - it was well cooked alright, but not overdone - still quite moist. Taste-wise it was pretty full flavoured but not too rich.

I pleased to report there was no post burger 'bite back' which can happen when eating burgers with a beer on the go, so all in all a very pleasant experience.

Would I order it again? YES

Burger Hunt Quality Rating: 7/10


The Camel certainly delivered. A huge, well cooked, tasty burger in nice surroundings. Have to deduct a few points for not being asked how I wanted it cooked but hey, let's not dwell on it. I'll be going back.


Hello and welcome to the hunt for the world's best burger. My name is Matt and I have made it a mission of mine to uncover the best burger on the planet. I live in London, UK and I am 32 years old.

There's nothing better than a good burger - wherever you go you can pretty much guarantee a burger will be on the menu somewhere. A burger is a great leveller - it is the mark of a good kitchen, the heart of a tasty menu.

Now, I do not want you to think I am a junk food junkie...far from it...I rarely eat at fast food joints...the burgers I am talking about are 'gourmet' burgers you find in pubs, bars and restaurants.

When prepared and cooked well, a burger is actually quite a healthy choice as many a chef will tell you. However, the quality of burgers does vary wildly - a bad burger really clouds your day - a nice one can make a good day great. By following my diary you'll discover the best places to order a burger when you get 'the calling' and when to steer clear and have the salad.

On average I probably have a burger roughly once a week and I will try and field regular reports. With any luck, you'll join me on my travels in the UK and beyond and together on our voyage we will uncover the world's best burger!

Can you smell something cooking? OK, lets go.